Learn Data Structures and Algorithms by Understanding the Fundamentals

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One of the most dreaded topics in computer science is the Big O notation, especially when you are first learning data structures and algorithms. Big O notation can be a real struggle because I feel like a lot of people do not teach it very well. When I first started learning Big O notation, it took me a bit of time to grasp, and I am hoping that I can demystify it for you with straightforward examples.

What is Big O notation? Well, it allows you to describe the performance of the code that you write in two different ways…

Save yourself time and trouble

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How many times have you been in a situation where you wanted to add a new feature to your application but could not because it was rigid? How many times have you had to rewrite code to make it testable? How many times have you had to add more code to make your code optimal for mobile?

It all comes down to design principles. In this article, I will share ten design principles all software engineers/programmers need to know.

These principles relate to how you develop the design for a system, how you implement specific components, and how you should…

The reality about lying on your resume and how it can impact your job prospects

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How many jobs have you applied to this year alone? How many jobs have you landed? Is there a common denominator? Is there an art to job applications? Lately, I have been thinking about developer resumes and whether it is good or bad to lie when applying for a developer job. First of all, I will not tell you what to do, but it is not as black and white as you would think it is. Why? There are a couple of factors that can hinder you from getting that dream job. …

10 Things Linux Can Do That Windows Can’t

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This is going to be a pretty straight forward article. I am aware that it might get a lot of negative comments from Windows users just from reading the title alone. I believe these are the reasons why everyone should try using the Linux system.

1. You can download the source for Linux

I believe in transparency when it comes to the digital world. You can go over to https://github.com/torvalds/linux and download over 800k commits for Linux. You will be able to see everything that has ever been done on Linux all the way back from its inception. Why would anyone even care about the source code? …

Small steps matter as long as they are in the right direction.

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When people think of working in the software engineering field, they typically think about FAANG and various unicorn companies. These companies are very great given that they offer awesome compensation packages, great benefits, and a wide variety of connections. They are usually the end game for most people, but startups also have their own set of perks that you may not realize. For this reason, I will go over six pros of working as a software engineer at a startup.

1. You Have the Opportunity to Build Things from the Ground Up

Joining a startup means that everyone at the company is likely very new, and whatever product you will be building…

Which Library Should I Use?

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What state management library should you use with React? This is a question I have heard hundreds of times as a react developer. This article will help you answer this question. First, we have to do a little bit of history. React was introduced in May 2013. Its paradigm shift was that your UI was a function of your state. Given some component’s state, React can determine how that component will look. From the beginning, React was built upon the concept of state, but state management in React has long been one of the hardest parts to understand.

We first…

It’s Not a One Time Thing. The Grind Is Real

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We have all experienced the negative effects of the pandemic. Jobs have been lost, and it is not like the living standards are going down. Most of the people who had onsite jobs lost them. In this period, the most profitable market to go into was the tech market because we can work from anywhere. All we need is a computer that has an internet connection. That being said, there has been a high number of individuals looking to get into programming. This is a good thing. …

From Beginner to Expert

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If you happen to ask why most people try to run away from JavaScript, you will realize that they may not have had a good experience learning it. Personally, I understand this. The problem is that most beginners usually end up disliking the language even without giving it a fair shot. For this reason, I will share the top 5 JavaScript books that I think will help beginners have a smooth experience with it. These books are not only for beginners but also for advanced developers. It never hurts to look something up that you do not necessarily understand. …

Set yourself apart from the herd

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If you are a web developer, you have probably heard of Udemy. You may have even built a project or two using one of their courses. Are these projects okay to put in your web developer portfolio? Let’s talk about it. I have been getting this question fairly frequently, especially since I published the article about portfolio tips.

In this piece, I will share three good reasons why you should not. Don’t worry. I will also explain how you can make them suitable for your portfolio.

For those of you who may not have heard of Udemy, it is a…

An Effective Guide on How to Tackle Learning Web Development

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The topic of being a full-stack developer has been the main one I get from a lot of beginners trying to break into the industry. In this piece, I will tell you why you should not be too focused on becoming a full-stack developer as a beginner. One thing I have noticed is that most people say that it is what they what to start out doing, but I don’t really think they know what that means. Therefore, before going any further, let me make it crystal.

A full-stack developer is somebody who works the front-end of an application. By…

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