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  • Sarah Nderi

    Sarah Nderi

    Changing the world, one word at a time. Become a Medium Super Reader https://medium.com/@sarahngima77/membership (affiliate link — I get a portion of your fee)

  • Nick Maiorano

    Nick Maiorano

    Freelance Cloud architect, author and trainer.

  • Michael Landis

    Michael Landis

    Front-end web developer, React enthusiast, vagabond.

  • João Gabriel Lima

    João Gabriel Lima

    Computer Engineer, Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence

  • Jim O'Connor

    Jim O'Connor

    Developer, Scuba Instructor, Plant-Based. Runner because of the part of my brain that likes to think more will always be more.🖖 Lore shot first.

  • Álvaro Suárez

    Álvaro Suárez

    Developer based in Spain.

  • Melford B. Birakor

    Melford B. Birakor

    A Coder By Day || Writer By Night || A Great Writer Lies Somewhere Between Fiction And Reality (copied @spanthania08)

  • Mustiash Tech Company

    Mustiash Tech Company

    Fullstack Developer, Data Scientist and a Computational Criminologist

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